Professional Malpractice

Overview Representative Matters

Our lawyers have broad experience in representing both plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving allegations of professional malpractice in the financial, accounting and legal fields.   We have the experience to address the unique issues that these cases present and to handle them in an effective and cost efficient manner.   We also work with a wide range of experts who are critical to successfully resolving these cases.

  • Represented an alternative energy company against one of the major accounting firms for breach of contract and negligence.
  • Prosecuted major negligence claims against national insurance broker on behalf of leasing/financing subsidiary of Japanese auto manufacturer.
  • Prosecuted and defended accountants’ malpractice cases involving both public and private companies.
  • Resolved claims against wealth management consulting firm for breach of fiduciary duty, negligence and violation of Investment Advisers’ Act.
  • Prosecuted attorney malpractice claims in connection with Tennessee-based client’s loss of European patent protection.
  • Defended law firms and other professional services organizations against negligence claims arising in tax shelter, securities and general contract areas.